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A New Place

So that was my life.

Just two short weeks ago.

The 21 year-old British girl who was constantly changing her mind about even the smallest and least important of matters. Who wished it was still the 80s, liked toys (especially Rainbow Brite) and...err... consuming alcohol.

Well actually, that's still me. Of course it is. It's just that I'm in new surroundings now.

I am in Portland, Oregon. And I am having some trouble comprehending the fact that I actually got on a plane and flew 7,000 miles away to a place where I know nobody and nobody knows me. A place that is further away than I have ever been before from the place that I call home.

But I did do it. And here I am.

In the past four years I have lived in London England, Brighton England, Greenwich Connecticut, Westchester County New York, Rhode Island and now Portland. Are you confused yet? Well, if you're not I sure as hell am.

I will explain better in a minute.

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