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Pic 'N' Mix

So why Pic 'N' Mix, you ask?

Or perhaps you don't ask. It seems awfully arrogant of me really, to be chronicling my every move here as if anyone is interested. As if people are actually going to follow my life like it's some kind of soap opera.

Well, anyway, the answer is that there are several reasons.....

Firstly, I never can quite make up my mind. One day it is one thing, the next quite another. Take the layout of this page, for example. As I write it is pastel. But I guarantee you that it will not remain pastel for very long. My pickiness will soon see to that.

Secondly, I should explain that in England, where I come from, the term "Pic 'n' Mix" refers to the type of candy you pick up with a scoop and put in a little paper-bag to take away and eat. As is illustrated at the top of the page. It is bright, it is colorful, and it is eclectic. Which is how I hope this diary will be. Each entry will bring you something new.

I also very much like the kiddy, colorful philosophy of: "Let's all just indulge ourselves and have a good time. This stuff is trash but trash can be so much fun sometimes!" At the moment.

("At the moment" being very much the key phrase there. Next week I may well be into something different entirely....)

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